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Custom minigames

We provide you the best game-experience with our home made custom minigames and great maps. Countless hours of fun guaranteed!

Great community

InterHub has a friendly community with both new and experienced players. Staff and community alike are always eager to help!

Best servers

Our servers are running on the most powerful machines, giving you smooth gameplay without lag nor downtime.

Vote for us!

Vote for InterHub and get in-game rewards for your vote. So be sure to vote on all the links below. The monthly top voter also gets a €10 gift card to spend in our buycraft shop!

Take a look on our buycraft page for extra features

Some of the extra features we offer

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Do you want to show some love for our hard work? Donate to our server! In return we give you great ranks, extra permissions or ingame items. How cool is that?

Visit our buycraft page to see all the perks, items and features available, as well as their prices. Your money goes a long way.

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The team behind InterHub



The Owner of InterHub. His job is to keep the servers running, and expand the server as we move forward.



The Developer. Develops and configures our server. With 5 years of experience in game server, his goal is to keep the server bug free.



The Owner of InterHub. He's got alot of experience with both the game and as an owner.



The Admin of the server. He has a good taste of creativity and girls. If you need any helps with all kinds of things he is the man to go to.



The Moderator of the server. The one-eyed kid. He'll kill you if you dont watch out! Hes job is to help the players and make sure everything is fun!

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